Introducing the
Soul-Connected Squad


Are you...


A creative, maker, doer, and general world shaker?


Someone who constantly puts yourself AND your work out there? And as a result, feel vulnerable most of the time, are sometimes overwhelmed, and question if you’re good enough often?


Courageous enough to be vulnerable and optimistic in a world that’s full of criticism and cynicism?


Do you...


Believe in personal growth and self-development? 


Believe that to be able to grow as a creative means having to grow as a person?


Not subscribe to the idea of perfection and realize that by being, showing, and embracing your imperfect self you’re more authentic, interesting, and relatable and therefore more successful?


Believe in doing good and spreading positivity through your work?


Think self-care and self-compassion are crucial?


Is this 'check, check, check!' for you? join the soul-connected squad!

The soul-connected squad is AN ONLINE COMMUNITY


Not only do you get access to the free resource library filled with helpful and actionable ebooks,
workbooks, worksheets, checklists, and gratitude journals, but you'll also get my weekly Squad Mail
each Sunday full of inspiring stories, tips, advice and challenges on all things perfectionism and personal growth.