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Alright, friends! Welcome to Module 4 Systems. This might be the Module that you’ve been waiting for the entire course. After creating a tailored-to-your-needs daily, productive routine in the previous lesson, we’re now going to figure out how to turn that routine into a sustainable routine. What are some systems and strategies you can put into place to make your routine, your work and life easier, simpler, and better?

Through the first three Modules of this course you created a daily routine for purposeful productivity. In essence, you’ve decided HOW you want to spend your time, WHY that’s important to you, and WHAT you want to do with your time. But, there’s one more HOW question to be answered: how are you going to accomplish each task? Is there an easier and faster way to do your to-dos? We’re going to answer these questions in this fourth Module ‘Systems’.

In this Module, we’re going to talk about different strategies to help you get your to-dos done more easily through systems that are automated and processes that are written out. Next, we’re going to dive into a strategy called batching and how batching can benefit you on a daily basis. And then, in the final lesson of this course, we’re going to go over lots of different hacks, tools, and resources that will help make your work and life easier and better.

Alright, that’s it. I’ll see you over in the next lesson about systems and processes.


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