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Hey guys and welcome to the third Module Time. How are things going so far? Have you kept up with working through the worksheets?

In this group of lessons we’re going to go over different strategies when it comes to time, prioritization, and time management. Self care also plays a prominent part in this Module. This is the part of this course where you’re going to use all of the information and all of the worksheets and exercises you did so far and start creating your routine for purposeful productivity.

So, just setting up this group of lessons. Again, this is Module 3 Time and we’re going to talk about prioritization, what that means, and how you can use it on a daily basis. Prioritization is the tool with which you put the values and priorities that you defined in the first Module to use. Then, we’re going to touch on the topic of self care, because self care should have its place in your daily routine. Next, is when we’re going to go over time management and how time management isn’t really about time. This is also when you track your time and analyze the data. And then finally, it all culminates into the super fun lesson of collecting all your work and all that data to create your daily routine for purposeful productivity.

Okay, that’s the introduction to this Module. I’ll see you over in the first main lesson, which is prioritization.


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