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Module 1.1


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Hey guys and welcome to Module 1 Purpose. I’m so excited to dive into this Productivity with Purpose process with you. Hopefully, you’ve already been through the Introduction Module and you know a little bit about what to expect from this course and each individual Module.

Purpose is the heart and soul of this course. It lays the foundation to build not only a daily, productive routine, but a PURPOSEFULLY productive routine. We’re going to refer to this Module again and again throughout the course. In this group of lessons we’re going to go over the building blocks that together form your purpose.

But first, a little bit of terminology. When I talk about uncovering or defining your purpose, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to or going to have to uncover your big, massive, huge life purpose. You know, your purpose in life, your passion. (Although it certainly can be!) What I mean is by defining your purpose is for you to gain an understanding about what you value, what is important to you, the things that are priorities for you in your work and life. What are your needs? What are the things that are meaningful for you? What do you desire or want to achieve through your daily, productive routine?

So, just setting up this group of lessons. Again, this is Module 1 Purpose and we’re going to uncover your purpose in two different ways. The first lesson is all about figuring out your values and priorities and then using them to create a mission statement, because it’s important that your values and priorities don’t remain theoretical concepts but that they’re put into practice. Then we’re going to go into another basic element of purpose and that is finding connection, being part of a community, having SOMETHING to fall back on. We can’t do it alone.



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