Are you stuck in procrastination station and dreaming of cruising along the productivity highway?

Do you spend all your time on the busy bus heading straight for burnout city?

Have you invested in so many journals, apps, and programs on a quest for productivity and the only result is that you’re a few hundred dollars lighter and still nowhere near you goals?


Does that sound like you?


you spend your time here


Busy bus to burnout city

  • The only way to get anywhere is working more, longer, and harder
  • A sense of lacking or deficiency is your driving force (AKA the bus driver)
  • All you want is to achieve something or be recognized for something
  • You’re focused on what you want to have
  • Only outcome matters

Instead of here


Cruising along the productivity highway

  • The only way to get where you want is working less, smarter, and purposefully
  • A sense of joy and confidence is your driving force (AKA you cruising in a convertible with the top off)
  • All you want is the satisfaction of creating something from your core self
  • You’re focused on how you want to feel
  • Process matters

The difference between busy and productive?

The difference between being on the busy bus and cruising along in a convertible with the top off?



Busyness and constant overwhelm are costing you.

What if I told you that you could...

Shake off all the should-do's, must-have's, and have-to's and instead make room for want-to-do’s, must-feel’s, and dream-of’s.

Find creative fulfillment; that feeling that you’re designing your life in a way that’s deeply aligned with your purpose and values.

Turn into a knowledge dropping, air high-fiving, inspiring, dance party leading productive powerhouse.

Spend less time being dog-tired and more time ch-ch-checking things off your list like you're freakin' Arya Stark (in a less creepy and sinister way, obvs).

Design your work and life in a way that irresistibly and automagically works for YOU.



Oh man. You’re so in the right spot.


There’s a fix to all that exhaustion and overwhelm.


You need a step-by-step plan to create a daily routine for purposeful productivity that’s both personal, tailored-to-your-needs, and sustainable.

That’s where Productivity with Purpose comes in. Your step-by-step plan to building a daily routine and mastering a purposefully productive work and life.

You’ll learn to tap into your purpose, values, and priorities to start building a daily routine that gets you organized and gets shit done. The best part? You don’t have to give up flexibility and freedom.

Yup. F’real.


You can turn procrastination into purposeful productivity.

You can turn being frazzled and frustrated into achieving the goals (#allthethings) you set for yourself.

Beta student Jennifer took that first step. So can you. You can do this.


I freaking get it.


I fell for the trap of busy, busy, busy too.

I found it difficult to find the motivation to even get started tackling the things on my ever-growing to-do list. I was so overwhelmed just by thinking about what I had to do that I started to make excuses as to why I couldn’t do it.

I was so busy with no results to show for it. And for the longest time I thought that the latest hacks and miracle programs were the answer.

But then I realized something. I was looking to others to help me solve my problem rather tackling the problem myself.


Do not put this off any longer.

If you want to create a work and life that works for you and makes sure that your to-do’s get done, now is the time to start.

Creating my daily, purposefully productive routine was an absolute game changer and it lightened my load so much.

I went from being the girl who was stressed-out, overwhelmed, and feeling run-down to the girl who feels like she can take on the world.

If I could do it, anyone can.

I didn’t have any advantages, like a boatload of time or energy to figure out this productivity stuff. You don’t need to have that.

I didn’t have any special skills. I’m not a self-proclaimed productivity expert. You don’t need to be that, either.


productivity with purpose


What’s included, you ask?

Productivity with Purpose is a video lesson course that’s made up of 4 main modules plus an introduction module.


Scroll through the slides of this introduction module!



In this Module you’re going to zero in on your purpose which will help you do the things you want to be doing without being distracted by FOMO and shiny object syndrome. It’s the heart and soul of this course.




The second Module is all about getting you into the right headspace so you’re not totally spazzing about every little distraction that comes your way. Building upon the previous Module, this Module is about holding space for that heart and soul.



Module 3 shows you the strategies that help you keep track of your time and priorities and build your daily routine so you can begin to take action and actually make shit happen.




In this Module you’re going to create systems and processes that will help you do more in less time and set yourself up for long-term success.





Want bonuses? You got it.

Registering for Productivity with Purpose will not only give you access to all 19 lessons, with video tutorials, written text, and worksheets, but you’ll also get over $371 worth of bonus content for free. Including…


Actionable worksheets to help you put what you’ve learned throughout the course into practice.

$97 value

Tongue-in-cheek printables that will make your to-do list and note taking waayyy more cheeky and fun.

$18 value

Tutorial videos to walk you through tools like Trello and Gmail and show you time-saving hacks along the way.

$59 value

There’s a poppin’ private Facebook community just for students of Productivity with Purpose itching for you to join.

$197 value


That’s $371 worth of bonuses! 

Productivity with Purpose costs $197, so you'll earn that money right back through the bonuses alone.


You’ll not be the same in a few weeks time when you join Productivity with Purpose. You’ll be in a perpetual state of “Holy cow, I’ve finished my to-do’s! Do I want to play hooky or work on that secret passion project!” (*insert evil laugh*)

Here’s a question for you.

What would having an easy breezy, tailored-to-your-needs productive routine that gets you organized and gets shit done mean to you?

Now, I want you to really imagine it. I want you to take a moment to think about what that would look like for you and how you would feel on a day-to-day basis.


No more…

… spending nights and weekends glued to your computer, jumping from task to task, watching as everyone else makes it look effortless.

… working your tail off and still feeling like a stressed-out, overwhelmed mess.

… spending the majority of your time doing things to please others or win approval.



… time for self-care, your relationships, and to fuel your creative fire.

... ending every workday feeling fulfilled and like you gave it 100%.

… feeling in control and on top of things.


Whatever is holding you back, stop letting it.

A daily routine is not going to intrude on your freedom. Let’s be honest, much of your freedom is spent getting lost on Facebook anyway.

A daily routine is going to help you in your desire to do #allthethings and be crazy successful.

It is possible to stick to your daily routine without becoming Mrs. Inflexible.

If you’re turning up your nose at the word ‘routine’, I get it. You think ‘routines are boring’. But here’s what I know: when you put your daily routine into place and you try it out, you’ll see how much freedom it brings and how much easier and lighter your day will be.

I also know this: you don’t want to be a bystander anymore. You don’t want to go to bed at night wondering where your day went. You don’t want to wake up twenty years from now not knowing what you’ve done with you life. You want to have a purpose.

Again, I get it. I got you.

That’s why I’ve created Productivity with Purpose.

Get organized. Get shit done. Do it now.

Testimonial PwP 2.png

Yo, this course was created by me, Wendy de Jong

I’m the book-oholic, beach-lovin’ gratitude geek behind The Gratefulist. I believe you and your creations matter. I believe you have a purpose, a message, something that needs to be shared with the world. I’ve made it my mission to do just that: to help you kick procrastination in the shins and be as productive as possible so that you get to work toward fulfilling your purpose. I want you to not just reach your goals, but slingshot them into outer space (wouldn’t it be great if that was possible?!). I want you to actively create your life. And I believe you’re so, so capable of doing that.


This course is for you if...

  • You have cringed at the thought of opening your inbox
  • You fill up post it notes and, let’s be real here, entire notebooks with VIS (that’s Very Important Stuff), but within minutes of writing it down your VIS gets MIA (that’s missing in action, FIY) and you never know where all that stuff can be found.
  • You have a shit ton of things you want to do and create and try out, but you’re stuck on where to start.
  • You're fed up of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and never good enough.
  • You’re ready to dig in deep and do the work.

it isn’t for you if..

  • You just want to be told what to do.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix.
  • You want to snatch the blueprint of my daily routine and expect it to work for you.

Your questions, answered.


+ Can I start working through this course whenever I want? I’m busy right now, can I go at my own pace?

Absolutely. You do not need to start right away - you have lifetime access and are welcome to start whenever works for you!

+ What format is the course content delivered in?

Good question! The course materials are shared as video lessons, written text below each video, printable slides, and worksheets. So, whether you prefer to watch, read, write, or listen to the content, you’ll be set.

+ How long do I have access to this course?

How does forever sound? Enroll in Productivity with Purpose now and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will continuously be updated with any new strategies, videos and course materials.

+ How long will this course take to work through?

This course is self-paced. If you want to sit down in a weekend and devour all of the lessons and put them into practice later, you absolutely can do that.

If I had to recommend a steady pace of learning and putting everything you’ve learned into practice, I’d recommend completing Module 1 and 2 in 8 days and taking at least 7 days for Module 3. I’d then take 30 days for Module 4 (implementing your daily routine and turning it into a habit).

So, all in all, for you to start implementing your daily routine AND seeing results could take anywhere between 2 and 45 days.

+ Is there support when I take this course?

A super supportive Facebook group is part of the package when you enroll in the course. Plus, you’ll be part of the family. So if you have any questions that arise during or after the course, you can always email for advice, encouragement and a helping hand.

+ How does an online course work?

An online course is a complete digital learning experience on a members-only website where you'll be able to access every lesson. This course allows you to work through each lesson at your own pace. All lesson materials are delivered via video tutorials and PDF downloads, all of which is housed in that members-only website.

+ It’s a lot of money for me. Is the course really worth the price?

Purchasing this course is an investment, an investment into a purposeful work and life. Imagine, though, how much time and money you could be wasting by NOT enrolling in this course. Productivity with Purpose will help you become more productive and reach your goals faster, which will result in more fulfillment (yay!), freedom (priceless!) and, quite certainly, income.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

Here’s the thing: I don’t want you to impulse buy this course, if you’re not sure about it. I want you to be fully motivated and fully committed to making this course work for you. I promise, it’ll be worth it!

+ Do you offer any refunds?

If you implement the strategies and don't see any results within 30 days, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. However, I'm confident that you'll be delighted with the course and you’ll see the benefits of your hard work well within 30 days.

+ I am so freaking excited, stop blabbing and tell me where can I get all of this good stuff?

Right over here, my friend. And I love your attitude.


Enroll now and here’s what you’re going to walk away with…

When you join the Productivity with Purpose course, you’ll get:

  • 4 modules
  • 19 lessons
  • Actionable worksheets
  • Tongue-in-cheek printables
  • Tutorial videos
  • A private Facebook Group for students

It’s your time to do BIG things.

Productivity with Purpose is a step-by-step plan to build a daily routine for purposeful productivity that’s both personal, tailored-to-your-needs, and sustainable. Nothing is left out.

3 months from now, you can wake up plodding along as usual.

Or you could be on your way towards mastering a purposefully productive work and life.