Pick your Practice


Pick your Practice is a quick and no-nonsense guide to help you pick a gratitude practice that best fits you and your needs.

Imagine yourself browsing through a fashion magazine and when you come across the Style section your eyes light up: "Those are the perfect shoes for that party!"

Well... Pick your Practice is that guide when it comes to practicing gratitude. When you come across that perfect practice for you, you'll just know it: "I can have a few minutes to myself each day and be creative while I'm at it?!"

Pick your Practice is the ultimate roundup of 39 (!) different types of gratitude practices:

  • Written gratitude practices
  • Visual gratitude practices
  • Creative expressions of gratitude
  • Gratitude practices that are linked to your existing habits
  • Physical expressions of gratitude

When you want to take your journaling to the next level, start a gratitude practice or spruce up your existing practice, and a few minutes of me time each day, then Pick your Practice was made for you.