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Hey, I'm Wendy!

I'm here to help you overcome your perfectionism, so that you can finally go all in on your dreams


Do you subscribe to the idea of prefectoin oops... perfection?

The Gratefulist Meet Wendy


I don't.

Perfectionism keeps you stuck in comparison, pleasing #allthepeople & procrastinating on your dreams.

Once you take that first step toward overcoming your perfectionism, you can finally start chasing after those dreams you've been putting off for so long.

You know, those dream projects, that dreamy collaboration, and relationships that can only be described as McDreamy... (okay, you caught me in a Grey's Anatomy fangirl moment).


About that first step toward overcoming
your perfectionism?


Be sure to grab your copy of my free step-by-step, perfectionism-busting workbook. With over 1,500 people having worked their way through the 4 steps
laid out in the workbook, it's a true fan favorite.

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Hey, Wendy


... perfectionism coach, gratitude geek, beaches and bright colors are my jam. IT's MY MISSION TO HELP you DEAL WITH youR PERFECTIONISM.

The Gratefulist Meet Wendy

After struggling with perfectionism from a young age and not finding the resources to help me deal with it, I decided to start investing in myself and my personal growth.

This is what I've learned: you don't need to be perfect to thrive in your work and life. *record scratch*

Repeat after me: you don't need to be perfect to thrive in your work and life.

Because you've got what it takes, my sweet friend. You matter. What you have so say matters. And your work matters a whole lot, too.

Consider this my permission slip for you to believe that who you are is enough.

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You are good enough. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


But here's the thing...

That permission slip doesn't say it's okay to chicken out. To believe in these lies that say:

... there's such a thing as "good" perfectionism

... you "need" perfectionism in order to be successful

... giving up perfectionism means losing your edge

I get it. I truly do.

Deep down (or maybe not so deep down), you know your perfectionism is holding you back in your work and life. But you believe that, in order to give up your perfectionism, you have to give up all the things that set you apart. Your talents, your personality, who you ARE. This makes you anxious and causes you to break out in:

A. sweat
B. hives
C. zits
D. all of the above

And so you're stuck.

But here's the flaw in your way of thinking: you don't have to give up who you are in order to give up on your perfectionism.

*another record scratch*

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You don't have to give up who you are or the pursuit of success in order to let go
of your perfectionism.


You're a badass. Your perfectionism isn't.

After years of hard work, both on myself and through working with dozens of (recovering) perfectionists just like you and me, I've cracked the perfectionism code.

I've crafted a perfectionism-busting process that's unconventional, but also intentional, comprehensive, and no-nonsense. My approach is a mix of encouragement and #realtalk.

I'd love to work with you and come up with a personalized plan to help you slay that perfectionism monster, once and for all.

Think of me as the Tom Hanks to your DaVinci Code. Plus, I'll be your accountability buddy and confetti-tossing cheerleader along the way, too!


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