Ready to turn your life around?!


I used to only see the problem. Yeah, I was
THAT girl...


>> I was out of time for friends and family and the things I wanted to be doing as if someone else was in charge of my life instead of me

>> I was grouchy, upset, and stressed-out, like all the time...

>> I felt like I was walking a tight rope of obligations and could fall of any minute

>> I felt used - like my thoughts, ideas and emotions didn't matter⠀

>> Complaining was my default mode

>> I didn't feel good enough⠀

>> I didn't see a better way


And then one day I flipped the switch. I started to see the dream instead of the problems.

>> I had time for the things that mattered to me the most, because I was in charge of my life and how I wanted to feel

>> I was happy, fulfilled, and relaxed, like all the time...

>> I felt filled up by the people I was surrounding myself with and started to see real change⠀

>> I felt creative - and all my thoughts, ideas and emotions were validated⠀

>> Contentment was my default mode⠀

>> I would feel awesome every day⠀

>> I would see a future that only got brighter⠀

All of a sudden this magical opportunity was no longer just a dream.
It was my reality because I saw it and I pursued it.


The day I flipped the switch was the day I started my gratitude practice.

Gratitude isn’t just a random value for me. No, I made a conscious effort to start a gratitude practice and incorporate more gratitude, appreciation, and contentment in my life. That’s because I knew that practicing gratitude would be CRUCIAL if I wanted to turn my life around from blah to yeah!

I have worked very hard to change the way I live my life and I’ve helped other people do the same - for them to see their own gifts and know that there’s a life beyond stress, dissatisfaction, and exhaustion.


>> I have watched Debby Downers turn into Ursula Uppers

>> I have watched complainers turn into positive thinkers

>> I have watched stressed-out
turn into blissed-out

>> I have seen people change into who they are meant to be

>> I have seen people start to
live a life that’s much happier
and waaaayy more fulfilling


I want to help you turn your life
around like this.

Growing Gratitude

That’s why I’ve created an epic resource to help you do just that.

Growing Gratitude is an ebook and workbook all rolled into one to help guide you from 0 to 100 on the scale of gratitude woop woop!


What did this magical life transformation look like for me?

When I made gratitude a daily habit - a simple, easy-to-keep habit because what’s easier than writing down three things I’m grateful for each day? - I started seeing a major change in my mood.

Growing Gratitude - gratitude list my mood

In 2013, as a “homework assignment” from a counselor I was seeing, I started recording my mood each day by rating it on a scale of 1 to 10. As I was writing Growing Gratitude I decided to put all of these numbers in a spreadsheet (because I’m a geek that way!) and turned that into a chart.

Can you believe my mood has lifted so much over the years?

I can. Why? Because I did the work.


I know it can be hard to ‘see’ yourself doing something you’ve never done before. That’s why I want to tell you about this Growing Gratitude alumni.

Amber had an ‘on again, off again’ relationship with gratitude, until Growing Gratitude that is...

Growing Gratitude testimonial

Amber didn’t start out knowing ANYTHING about practicing gratitude. Nobody is born knowing that stuff! But she followed the steps, one at a time, and it works. It just works.

The Growing Gratitude alumni are people with families, full-time jobs, responsibilities - and they’ve made the time to commit to a daily gratitude practice. Because the benefits are beyond what you can imagine - and that’s worth it.

It’s time to stop putting the needs of others before your own. Let’s do this.


Do not put this off any longer.

If you want to turn your life around, now is the time to start.

Starting my gratitude practice changed my entire life.

Growing Gratitude before
Growing Gratitude after

I went from being the girl who was stressed-out, overwhelmed, and feeling run-down all the time to
feeling like I can take on the world.

If I could do it, anyone can.

I didn’t have any advantages, like a boatload of time or energy to figure out this gratitude stuff. You don’t have to do that, either.

I didn’t have any special skills. I’m not a self-proclaimed expert or self help guru. You don’t need to be that, either.


Here’s what you’re going to walk away with...

Growing Gratitude:

  • Is 100+ pages of seriously inspiring, hallelujah-inducing gratitude goodness

  • Is filled with actionable worksheets that will help set you up for success in turning your life around

  • Clears up the confusion about what gratitude is (and isn’t) exactly

  • Lets you in on the secret of why I keep calling it a ‘gratitude practice’ and shows you how a practice will make things so much easier for you)

  • Shows you how practicing gratitude benefits your everyday life, your health, and your happiness (basically, you and your life are going to do a complete 180)

  • Shows you - in detail - 39 (!) different ways and methods you can use to start your gratitude practice RIGHT NOW


You’ll not be the same in a few months time when you join this gratitude revolution. You’ll not only have transformed yourself, but you’ll also have transformed your day-to-day life from ‘Mwah, things could be better...’ to ‘Yes, I have so many things going for me!’. It’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s a question for you.

What would turning your life around for more happiness, gratefulness, and fulfillment look like for you? What would going from stressed-out to blissed-out, from complaining to positive thinking, mean to you?

Now, I want you to really imagine it. I want you to take a moment to think about what that would look like for you, how you would feel on a day-to-day basis, and how it would affect you.


Would you start seeing opportunities instead of roadblocks and problems?

I bet that would make you feel like you’re in charge. Like you determine what your life looks like, how you feel and what your mood is each and every single day. Like you’re no longer a powerless victim, a passerby in your own life.


Or would you feel like there’s a weight lifted off your shoulders because you can finally see that what you do, have, and are is GOOD ENOUGH?

I’ll let out a big sigh of relief in your place *aahhhh*


When I think back on the first time I realized that my gratitude practice had these unexpected (but totally welcome!) results, I couldn’t believe that all it took was something so simple and quick. That doing something that takes 1 minute a day, could have so much impact.

That was completely life-changing for me.

Now, I know from experience that creating a successful gratitude habit, even if you’ve NEVER practiced gratitude before is 100% possible. Not only because it happened for me, but because I’ve been lucky enough to see the same thing happening on all of the Growing Gratitude alumni.

So I know just how possible this really is!

Especially if you have the guidance and proven framework that is Growing Gratitude to follow.


Sometimes I wonder...

What if I’d never flipped the switch: prioritizing my personal growth and starting my gratitude practice?

What if I had let my fears and doubts get the better of me?

What if I had called it off after that first week because it wasn’t a quick fix?


I wouldn’t have taken charge of my dreams

I wouldn’t have changed my entire outlook on life

I wouldn’t be so positive and content (and feel like my life is good enough!)

I wouldn’t have stopped taking things for granted

I wouldn’t found this community of amazing, courageous people that have gone through Growing Gratitude and started their own gratitude practices


My message for you is this:

Whatever is holding you back, STOP LETTING IT.

It is seriously messing with you.

I thought that I’d always be a ‘my glass is half empty’ kind of person. That I’d always be stuck right where I was, stuck in the roadblocks I created for myself.

Today, I see a future that’ll only get brighter.

What’s holding you back, right now?


Fear of not doing it perfect

I’ll let you in on a secret: practicing gratitude will actually help you let go of your perfectionism. You don’t have to have the perfect gratitude practice. You just have to get started.

Fear that you don’t have the time to do it

Practicing gratitude doesn’t take up much of your time.

Fear that you don't have anything to be grateful for

I promise you, you do. You don’t have to write down these grand, eloquent, well thought out, existential reflections on your gratitude list. Just write down 3 tiny things from your day.

Fear that it’s just TOO MUCH FREAKING WORK

If I can pull it of so can you.

Fear that you don’t know what to do in what order

Did I mention Growing Gratitude is a step-by-step guide?

Fear that the investment won’t be worth it

I love the email I got from a Growing Gratitude alumni that said that ebook  was so worth the cost)


I give you all the tools, guidance, and steps to take - you just need to follow the proven system and do the work.

No more guessing, no more messing around.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back right now, I want you to kick it in the shins and tell it who’s boss.

Because seriously, you can do this. Whether it’s with my guidance or not, I need you to know that.

I need you to know that all of those fears are just mean little ghosts and they hold no weight.

Don’t let them stop you.


Starting your gratitude practice WILL change your life. Don’t trust me. Trust the people that went before you...

Like Krista, who was beyond overwhelmed with her life before, but after she started working through the worksheets in Growing Gratitude she saw a big change…

Growing Gratitude testimonial

Want to know what it feels like to go from stressed-out to blissed-out, from grumpy to grateful, from stuck in your ways to steadfastly shooting for the stars?

You’ll just have to get your hands on Growing Gratitude and find out for yourself :)



I’ve written more than 1,000 gratitude lists and tried over a dozen different ways to practice gratitude. Gratitude test bunny over here!

A couple of years ago I had a bit of a breakdown. A few things happened at the same time: one of my closest friends moved to a different country, I moved to a different city where I didn’t know a single soul, and I was putting in a lot of hours at work without getting results, feedback, or appreciation. My life and work left me unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

During that time there was very little I could muster up the energy for. The one thing I felt like I could do, and started doing, was writing a daily gratitude list. Writing down three things that I’m grateful for each day has been a turning point for me. Gratitude has changed my entire outlook on life, I’m more positive, take nothing for granted, and I’m more appreciative of the beauty around me.


You got questions. I got answers.


Q: Can I start working through this guide whenever I want? I’m busy right now, can I go at my own pace?
Absolutely. You do not need to start right away - you have lifetime access and are welcome to start whenever works for you!

Q: Does practicing gratitude take up a lot of my time?
It really doesn’t. Writing down a few things you’re grateful for each day isn’t that difficult, energy-draining, or time-consuming. It only takes a few minutes. The best thing about practicing gratitude is that it’s a two-minute investment, from which you’ll reap the benefits throughout the day. It doesn’t take any time out of your day to be more grateful and appreciative, but your day will feel a whole lot better because of it.

Q: When would I practice gratitude? I don’t have any time for myself!
Luckily, practicing gratitude doesn’t take a lot of time. I’m sure there are moments in your day where you have a few minutes to yourself. That’s all you need! Grab your gratitude journal when you sit down with a cup of coffee and write down what you’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude is the best type of self-care I can think of.

Q: My life is what it is. How is gratitude going to change that?
The way you experience your life is determined by the way you look at it. When you complain about the things you don’t have or wish you’d have, you’ll go through life feeling dissatisfied. That feeling of dissatisfaction will disappear when you focus on all the thing you do have in your life. The circumstances of your life might not have changed, but by changing the way you look at your life you’ll feel differently about it.

Q: I am starting from scratch, no gratitude practice right now, no clue, no nothing. Will this ebook be for me?
Most definitely! This ebook was written with you in mind! Growing Gratitude is a great place to start when you’re new to this whole gratitude thing. As you saw at the beginning of this email, Krista was a beginner when she started putting the tips, advice, and exercises from Growing Gratitude to practice and look where she is now.

Q: What format is this ebook delivered in?
Good question! This ebook is a digital download in pdf format that’ll be delivered to you instantly after purchase. That means you can read this book on your laptop, PC, Mac, tablet, phone, and e-reader. You could even go old school and print it out. ;)

Q: I am so freaking excited, stop blabbing and tell me where can I get all of this good stuff?
Right over here, my friend. And I love your attitude. :)


Just to jog your memory, here’s what you’re going to walk away with...


Growing Gratitude:

  • Is 100+ pages of seriously inspiring, hallelujah-inducing gratitude goodness

  • Is filled with actionable worksheets that will help set you up for success in turning your life around

  • Clears up the confusion about what gratitude is (and isn’t) exactly

  • Lets you in on the secret of why I keep calling it a ‘gratitude practice’ and shows you how a practice will make things so much easier for you)

  • Shows you how practicing gratitude benefits your everyday life, your health, and your happiness (basically, you and your life are going to do a complete 180)

  • Shows you - in detail - 39 (!) different ways and methods you can use to start your gratitude practice RIGHT NOW


This guide is a step-by-step SYSTEM for kickstarting an easy-to-keep gratitude habit. NOTHING is left out.

It is designed for both complete beginners, and those looking to revamp their existing gratitude practice...

Join us now, and you could be taking charge of your life and how your feel right now!

3 months from now, you can wake up plodding along as usual.

Or you could be on your way towards a happier and more grateful, appreciative, and fulfilling life.