Free resources for soul-connected
yet stressed-out creatives

(Because perfectionism is such an energy drain & stress booster!)


Use these freebies to let go of perfectionism & procrastination, start a
gratitude practice, and embrace your perfectly imperfect self.


let go of perfectionism

A free workbook to help you start letting go of your perfectionism. Complete the exercises and follow
the four actionable steps towards a perfectionism-free life.


the gratitude toolbox

A free set of resources to help you add more gratitude to your work and life. Learn how to implement gratitude as a strategy in your business. Start your gratitude journal with the help of 30 gratitude prompts. And more!


Do you fall victim to procrastination and not achieving the goals you set for yourself? Do you want to be more productive in work & life? In need of a tailored-to-your-needs routine? The Ultimate Checklist for Productivity with Purpose has your name on it.

The Gratefulist Tools and Resources Guide


Tools & Resources Guide

A free guide with all of the tools, resources, programs, systems, and hacks I use in my life, creativity, and business that help me embrace my perfectly imperfect self and stay on track with my daily routine for purposeful productivity. Want to know which tools I use on a daily basis?


More resources


Did you know that there's an entire library of resources available for Squad members? Join the Soul-Connected Squad here and get access to more helpful worksheets, checklists, and gratitude journals, as well as weekly emails full of inspiring tips, advice, and challenges about personal growth and dealing with perfectionism and procrastination.