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Overcome Your Perfectionism, Unleash Your Potential

1-on-1 Coaching + Mentoring


Are you ready to finally let go of your perfectionism, so that you can unleash your potential and go all in on your dreams?


I’m guessing your story of dealing with perfectionism throughout the years looks something like this…




You were that typical overachieving kid all the way through school. You wore your perfectionism as a badge of honor.


Your first work experience is a wake-up call, because the care for detail that you put in your work isn't appreciated and it takes you twice as long to complete a project compared to your co-workers.


You’re stressed and overwhelmed all the time and take it out on your family or roommates. It feels like everything is falling apart.



You realize that your perfectionism isn’t really helping you anymore and that it’s actually standing in your way.


But, at the same time, you feel scared and anxious about having to give up your perfectionism, because you think it means having to give up #allthethings that make you stand out.


You feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward.


Girl, I’ve soooo been there. A few years ago, I was exactly where you are now.

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If we were to sit down for a cup of coffee right now, I would tell you she’s a witch with a b, that perfectionism.

I should know. My perfectionism started when I was very young and it blossomed in high school and college.

But when I was tired of my perfectionism getting me nowhere and I decided to do something about it, I hit a brick wall. There was no information out there. None.

All that I could do was turn to my own experiences for answers and create my own blueprint. It was a lonely process and self-doubt crept in more than once.


I don’t want you to go through what I went through. That’s why I’ve created Overcome Your Perfectionism, Unleash Your Potential and designed it to be a comprehensive, step-by-step coaching program. It’s all you ever need to overcome your perfectionism, once and for all.

After working with dozens of (recovering) perfectionists, I know how possible this really is. You don’t have to keep hiding behind perfectionism. Overcome Your Perfectionism, Unleash Your Potential will show you how. I’ve seen it work.


If I can overcome my perfectionism, so can you.

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Do these perfectionistic thoughts regularly pop up in your head?


“Perfectionism keeps me up till 1am when the realistic side of me said the work was fine at 10 pm.”

“Damn. She’s really got it together, while I’m a big blubbering mess. I’ll never be able to measure up.”

“Perfectionism keeps me from finishing anything. Everything ends up in draft mode.”

It’s time to stop being the queen of “it’s not quite ready”.


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That’s where 1-on-1 coaching with me comes in…

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We’ll work together through my step-by-step process called Overcome Your Perfectionism, Unleash Your Potential, so that you can stop abusing your natural-born talents through perfectionism and start leveraging your talents instead.

You’ll learn how to deal with:

  • Your feelings of fear and anxiety that are at the root of your perfectionism

  • Your habit of procrastination that has you fooled into believing the lie of “Why start a project when I know I won’t be able to do it perfectly?”

  • This need for constant comparison that leads you to beat yourself up over not being as good as others

  • Your tendency to people please, because you’re tired of being a doormat and letting people run all over you

  • Your approval addiction, because you’re done living according to other people’s expectations

  • That grating, perfectionistic voice inside of your head that's constantly tearing you down


What’s included, you ask?

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Fun quiz and comprehensive worksheets to help me get to know you & to help you see how perfectionism shows up for you in your work and life.

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A 3-month program including video lessons, exercises, perfectionism diary, anti-perfection affirmations, & 3 one-hour coaching calls.

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An actionable perfectionism-busting gameplan, along with a video recording of our meeting & 3 action steps to carry out before our next coaching call.

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Weekly accountability check-ins via email to track your progress and answer any questions you might have.

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Here's the truth...

Perfectionism doesn’t make you strong, it eats away at you from the inside out.

Perfectionism doesn’t makes you successful, it keeps you from shining.

Stop letting it hold you back. Invest in yourself. You won't be the same 3 months from now, I promise.

Invest in Overcome Your Perfectionism, Unleash Your Potential's 3-month program, invest in yourself: $499/month



I love Wendy’s mission of helping creatives let go of their perfectionism. As a creative who sometimes struggles with perfectionism I say ‘Yes please!’ to that. If being a perfectionist is holding you back, Wendy can really help.
— Thea, writechangegrow.com
I’m all about minimalism and intentional living and so perfectionism is one of the mindsets I’m trying to let go of. I always turn to my friend Wendy for direction when I feel stuck.
— Jennifer, simplyfiercely.com
I adore the conversations Wendy creates around perfectionism and especially the link with my anxiety and mental health. Wendy is my go-to gal for all things perfectionism.
— Allyn, hitthegem.com
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Here’s what I believe is possible for you...


No more…

… feeling like who you are and what you do isn’t good enough

… feeling paralyzed by comparisonitis, the procrastination bug, and pleasing #allthepeople

… cheating yourself out of all the beauty that comes with being completely yourself

… being last on the list of priorities and never having any energy left for yourself



… showing yourself grace every single day

… embracing your imperfection as the place where the light comes in and breaks through

… knowing when to (and how to) simply stop and breathe, when you find yourself in the spin of 'must go faster'

… taking action on your dreams instead of spending all that time second-guessing yourself


Progress over perfection.


LET this 3-month coaching program BE YOUR BRAVE DECISION.


Invest in Overcome Your Perfectionism, Unleash Your Potential's 3-month program, invest in yourself: $499/month

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