What to do when you feel like you don’t do enough

Hey all! Today I’m sending a li’l love letter your way. In fact, I’ll be sending you three love letters in the upcoming weeks. This is the first in a series of three blog posts on worthiness: doing, having, and being enough.

Why did I do this?

Well… you’re good enough just the way you are. You’re an amazing human being with great talents and so much to offer to the world. What you have to offer is enough. You are enough. That’s worth a celebration. [Imagine confetti being thrown around.]

 What to do when you feel like you don't do enough | This blog is part 1 of the 'enough' series - a series of three blog posts for soul-connected creatives and hardworking business owners on the topic of worthiness: doing enough, having enough, and being enough. Don't ask yourself "Do I do enough and what can I do to do more?" Click through to found out the question you SHOULD be asking yourself.



A lot of us feel like we don’t do enough. If only we’d do more of this or we’d do that better, we’d be happier. We feel this way even though we work full-time, support a family, run a household, have a social life, pursue our hobbies or passion projects, do volunteer work, raise children and/or maintain relationships. Our schedules are jam-packed with activities and appointments, day in and day out. And still we feel like we don’t do enough.

You don’t have to feel this way.

The question to ask yourself isn’t...

“Do I do enough and what can I do to do more?”,

instead ask yourself this question…

“Do I do the right things and what can I do to do those things better?”

Being busy is simply another word for procrastinating. Stuffing your daily calendar with chores and activities and doing all kinds of stuff for other people and not making time for yourself will only leave you stressed-out and overwhelmed.

Doing, doing, and more doing makes you feel like your being productive or working towards your goals, but in reality you’re probably far from being productive. Most likely, you’re also working towards the wrong goals. Goals that are motivated by society’s expectations.

When I ask you “Do you do the right things?” you know what those right things are.

You know which goals you want to work towards. Deep down, you know what you're supposed to be doing.

The world is waiting for you to do the right things. To find your purpose or calling, just listen to what your intuition is telling you. Pursue your purpose. That’s terrifying, I know… I get it, fo’real!

Sometimes doing nothing is the thing that feels right. Then, just wait until you’re ready or the right circumstances present themselves. Other times, saying “YES” to your calling, whether it’s starting a family or starting a business, is a terrifying jump into the deep end.

Doing the right things will give you a great amount of focus. All the stuff you used to be doing, suddenly doesn’t feel so important anymore. You’ll find it becomes easier to say no to things that don’t fit your purpose or don’t contribute to your goals.

Doing the right things is incredibly fulfilling. When you’re on the right path (and trust me, you’ll know when you’re on the right path) you’ll feel a sense of joy and contentment. Pursue your purpose and stop feeling overwhelmed, busy, and stressed.

This doesn’t mean doing the things that feel right for you will be easy. You’ll doubt yourself, you’ll falter, you’ll fail a few times. But you’ll also persevere and succeed. You have everything you need to do so.

When you think things are too difficult, when the struggle is real, when you feel like giving up, when you feel like things are so tough and you' re never going to reach your goals, that's when you're actually closest to reaching your goal. When you feel this way you’re almost there. Don't compromise because it gets hard. Do the right things until you feel like they aren’t the right things anymore.

You can do this. I believe in you. You’re a magnificent, worthy woman. You don’t have to do those things alone. You’ll find the support you need, the right kind of support from the right kind of people. I’ll support you.



Hi there! I’m Wendy, perfectionism coach and host of the #perfectionistproblems community for recovering perfectionists. I’m insanely passionate about helping you overcome your perfectionism, so that you can stop caring so much about what other people think and finally take on those dream projects that you've been putting off for so long.