What to do when you feel like who you are isn't enough

Hey you! Welcome back to the ‘enough’ series, yo. Are we really already at the third and final part of this series? It’s flying by! Don’t tell part one and part two, but part three is genuinely my favorite. ;)

There’s so much good stuff to talk about today. But enough of my gushing, eh? Today we dive into the topic of being good enough the way we are. Let’s get cracking.

 What to do when you feel like who you are isn't enough | This blog is the third and final part of the 'enough' series - a series of three blog posts for soul-connected creatives and hardworking business owners on the topic of worthiness: doing enough, having enough, and being enough. Click through to learn more about the things you can do stop feeling like you are not good enough the way you are.



Am I enough?


I’ve been discussing this is in my mind for a while. Rationally I know that I am enough. I know that I’m smart, talented, and capable and for that I’m grateful. Even spiritually I know that every person - including me - is good enough the way they are. I know all of this, but believing it is another story.

There are still a lot of times where I think I’m not going to be good enough at something, so I don't even try. Sometimes I feel like I'm not brave enough, not kind enough, not pretty enough, not talkative enough. When it comes to my blog and business I feel like I don't have enough time, my writing is not good enough, and my opinion doesn't matter enough. It's this cycle of self-doubt.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way sometimes.

We live in a world where we are constantly asked to compare ourselves to others. All too often we are asked to be someone other than who we are. It’s no wonder we then lose ourselves.

Constantly comparing ourselves to other people and the pressure we put on ourselves are the main reasons why we believe we’re not good enough.

We tend to compare our behind-the-scenes to the perfectly-filtered and reality-altered feed of someone else’s life.


It's okay to feel not good enough. At least, on occasion. We are all human. We all have insecurities.

‘What can I do about that?’, you say?

First of all, stop listening to your inner critic. Even though this inner critic seems authoritative and it sounds like it knows what it’s talking about, see it for what it really is: the scared voice of your inner child. With hard work you can learn to listen to your intuition and change your perspective and mindset. You can do this.

Second, stop comparing yourself to other people and start looking up to the right people. Let yourself be inspired and empowered by these role models. Cheer them on. Over time, you’ll start to see that you have what it takes to be just as fabulous as they are.

And if you still want to compare? Compare you to you. Ask yourself this: How am I today compared to yesterday? Am I improving and getting closer to where I want to be?

I’m just gonna say this, to inspire and empower, just as much for myself as for you. Know that you are enough. You are important. You are worthy. Exactly as you are. Who you are is enough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



Hi there! I’m Wendy, perfectionism coach and host of the #perfectionistproblems community for recovering perfectionists. I’m insanely passionate about helping you overcome your perfectionism, so that you can stop caring so much about what other people think and finally take on those dream projects that you've been putting off for so long.