Our 5 most popular posts chock-full of gratitude tips (a must-read for anyone wanting to start a gratitude practice!)

 Thinking about starting a gratitude practice? We're sharing our 5 most popular posts about gratitude tips with TONS of useful tips, advice, and action steps for starting (and keeping up with) your gratitude practice. Click through for these 5 popular post and to get free access to The Gratitude Toolbox.



As of today, there are over 85 posts in The Gratefulist’s archives. Uhm... whoa!

As much as I’ve worked on making this website easy to navigate and to find old posts, it still means that there are a bazillion (y’know, more or less) ;) posts that no one ever sees.

To help, I compiled a super specific list of 5 of the most popular posts I’ve ever written about gratitude - full of tips, advice, and action steps for starting (and keeping up with) a gratitude practice. Woop woop!

I so hope they’re helpful for you and that there are posts in here that you’ve never seen before.

Enjoy, peeps!


1.   6 ways practicing gratitude benefits you (science says so!)


2.   How to practice gratitude: 8 tried and tested tips


3.   8 tips that make practicing gratitude a LOT easier


4.   4 reasons why you need to stick to your gratitude practice even when you’re feeling blue


5.   7 reasons you need to start a gratitude practice

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  •  a checklist with tips to help set you up for success

  • AND several gratitude journals

Just click on the button below and you can get started with The Gratitude Toolbox right away.


Is there anything about practicing gratitude you want to learn more about? I’d love to know in the comments!



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