9 must-listen podcasts for soul-connected yet stressed-out creatives

Hi friends! I’m back today with a fun post sharing my favorite podcasts. I ‘discovered’ podcasts a little less than a year ago and it’s quickly become my go-to tool for ‘aha!’ inspirational moments and ‘wow, I’m not alone in this!’ moments of connection with fellow creatives.

Bonus points: my 40-minute commute to and from work each day has become less of drag because of these 9 must-listen podcasts.

Let’s get to it, shall we? :)

9 must-listen podcasts for for soul-connected yet stressed-out creatives & recovering perfectionists - I ‘discovered’ podcasts a little less than a year ago and it’s quickly become my go-to tool for ‘aha!’ inspirational moments and ‘wow, I’m not alone in this!’ moments of connection with fellow creative entrepreneurs and recovering perfectionists. Click through to find out my 9 favorite podcasts. It comes with a FREE checklist of must-listen episodes to help you get started on this podcast journey.





This relatively new podcast has quickly become my one of my favorites. I feel like Meg from That Hummingbird Life and I should be BFF’s. I so relate to Meg's story about being a perfectionist and a people pleaser and that those things left her disillusioned and unhappy.

Couragemakers is such a great podcast because it tells stories. Real, vulnerable stories about what it means to be courageous. Meg is an excellent interviewer and she goes beyond the surface of superficial, stripped-down versions of events in search of deeper truths.

You can listen to Couragemakers here.


Make It Happen


Make It Happen is “a podcast for curious, big-hearted, purpose-driven creatives”, which to me is just the best tagline in podcast history.

Jen Carrington talks about subjects that matter in a way that’s so relatable to a lot of people. What I love about Jen is that she isn’t afraid to get vulnerable and share her own story and struggles. As a listener I feel like I’m included in the genuine conversation Jen has with her guests. What’s new in this season of Make It Happen are the weekly mini-episodes in which Jen shares little nuggets of wisdom and answers reader’s questions.

Want soul-searching conversations about finding purpose and what it means to stay true to your values? Then, go and listen to Make It Happen right now!



The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast


This one’s for my fellow recovering perfectionists out there! ;)

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast was one of the first podcasts I started listening to almost a year ago and it got me hooked. Listening to all these fabulous women sharing their stories of perfectionism, how it shows up in their life, and how they deal with their perfectionism has been eye-opening for me.

Sarah is just so kind and encouraging. The question she asks at the end of each podcast (“What does living a B+ life mean to you?”) has got me thinking about what B+ means to me.

You can listen to The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast here.


She Percolates


“Serving up a fresh perspective on success” is right up there on the ‘best podcast tagline eva’-ranking, right behind the tagline for Make It Happen.

Jen and Danielle, the amazing ladies behind She Percolates, serve up not one but two podcast episodes each week. I always look forward to the Friday Coffee Talks and I also love the Tuesday episodes featuring interesting and inspiring women who all live different versions of success. I think it’s great that She Percolates is on a mission to challenge the conventional notions of success. Listen to it here.


The Joy Junkie Show


Amy E. Smith AKA The Joy Junkie is my kinda girl. With Mr. Smith as her sidekick she dishes out no-B.S. advice on a whole range of topics. From personal development to self-love and from relationships to curbing your inner voice. The ‘Would you rather…’ segment, in which Amy and Mr. Smith debate imaginitive but undesirable scenarios, is one of the highlights of The Joy Junkie Show.

Listen to The Joy Junkie Show here.



The Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast with Andrea Owen


Andrea of Your Kick-Ass Life is all about self help served up straight with a side of crazy and fun. The Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast is the perfect mix of cut-to-the-chase love letters about topics everyone of us needs to hear and interviews with inspiring lady ass-kickers.

Click over to The Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast now, because it has several kick-ass, must-listen episodes about dealing with perfectionism.


The Lively Show


The Lively Show came highly recommended to me by several people I look up to. Jess Lively is such a spirited person and really lifts conversations up to a higher level. The Lively Show regularly features high-profile guests, like Brené Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Listen to The Lively Show here.


Being Boss


Being Boss is the online podcast and clubhouse for bosses, side hustlers, creatives, and business owners. It’s about being boss the way you choose and being authentic in your work and life. Each episode of Being Boss is filled with aha moments and confidence boosters.


Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert


The last one on this list of 9 must-listen podcasts for stressed-out girlbosses & recovering perfectionists is Magic Lessons, a podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Magic Lessons started a few weeks before the release of Elizabeth’s latest book Big Magic and it has a limited number of episodes. But… each of these 12 episodes are masterpieces. Elizabeth helps out struggling creatives with such wisdom, compassion, and empathy. Anyone can relate to the advice Elizabeth shares and it has helped me tremendously.

You can listen to Magic Lessons here.


Don't forget to download the FREE checklist with all of my favorite podcasts for soul-connected creatives. Get your checklist and head straight on over to iTunes or Stitcher to download these podcasts. As a bonus I also added a list of the best podcast episodes to help find the best ones first.


What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments!

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