How I stop letting perfectionism hold me back by Krista Dickson #perfectionistproblems

Hi friends, Wendy here! Welcome to the #perfectionistproblems interview series. My mission with The Gratefulist is to help creatives let go of their perfectionism and embrace their perfectly imperfect selves.

I’ve personally learned so much from other people's perfectionist stories and that’s why I’m sharing these stories in a weekly interview series on the blog, in the hope of helping you deal with your perfectionism. Reading about personal experiences is a powerful thing and I believe there’s so much you can learn from these stories and insights.

Today, I’m very grateful to share Krista Dickson from ‘s perfectionist story. Over to you Krista!

 How I stop letting perfectionism hold me back by Krista Dickson from Blog Beautifully - With the #perfectionistproblems interview series it's my mission to help creatives let go of their perfectionism and embrace their perfectly imperfect selves through sharing real honest stories, insights, and experiences of dealing with perfectionism. Click through to read the entire interview. Plus, there's a free perfectionism-busting workbook!

In what way does perfectionism show up in your life?


Perfectionism has always been a source of struggle in my life, even back in my “school” days. Nowadays I try to keep the perfectionist tendencies at bay as much as possible, but every once in awhile they manage to creep back in!

As someone who works from home and has full control over her schedule, I’ll often find myself working, working, working until something is absolutely PERFECT before I allow myself to grab a snack or stand up and stretch. This is obviously detrimental to my mental and physical health, so I’m trying to be better about taking breaks when I need them and knowing that I can always pick up where I left off.


Why do you think perfectionism is such a dream killer?


Perfectionism is a huge dream killer because it holds you back from reaching your full potential. Sure, you might produce stellar content that seems “perfect”, but it will take you 10x as long because you’re paralyzed by the fear of NOT getting it just right.

A lot of the times, I see my clients use perfectionism as a form of procrastination. They get into this trap of “analysis paralysis”, where they focus so much on everything being perfect that they’re too scared to make decisions that will move them forward.

My motto is: “progress over perfection”. I tell them: You can always come back later and improve this design, fix this thing, or have someone help you with it. Nothing is ever set in stone, and for now, the most important thing is that you put yourself out there and get going!


How does perfectionism affect your soul and success, both in work and life?


Perfectionism holds me back when it wraps up most of my time in tasks that are so SMALL in the big picture of things. If you let it, perfectionism will have you spending 90% of your time on tiny little tasks that you feel need to be done “perfectly”.

You miss the big picture of what’s going on in your life (both your work and personal lives), and you miss out on fun and exciting opportunities because you’re too “busy” to partake in them (hint: you’re NOT too busy. Your focus on perfection is just tying up waaaay too much of your time!)


What does embracing imperfection mean to you?


For me, imperfection is a way to be vulnerable and relatable to my audience. The more open you are about showing your imperfections and your “less-than-perfect” life, the more easily you can build genuine connections with other people.

They see your openness and think, “Hey, she’s just like me! She doesn’t have her shiz together either.” And I’ve found that to be incredibly powerful.


Tips and tricks about dealing with perfectionism? Share them!


When “analysis paralysis” strikes, and you feel like you can’t many a decision lest it be the “wrong one”, take a step back. In fact, take an entire day away. Come back with a fresh mind and perspective, look at your options, and choose the one that feels most joyful, exciting, and light-filled. And leave it at that!


Share a favorite quote or mantra that you use to remind yourself that who you are and what you do is good enough?


“For today, I have done enough.“ I say this at the end of each work day, especially if I haven’t managed to tick everything off my To Do list. There’s always tomorrow, and for today, I have done enough.

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Krista Dickson is the founder of Blog Beautifully, a resource hub for aspiring bloggers. She loves helping girlboss bloggers align with their intuition, tap into their superpower, and become magnets for money.

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