An inside look at my goals for this year: new resources for recovering perfectionists

because who doesn’t love a behind-the-scenes look? ;)


This isn’t a normal The Gratefulist blog post.

In a normal blog post, I write about topics related to overcoming perfectionism after I’ve already had time to experiment with new strategies, process my feelings and experiences, and figure out what works.

But after reading through your replies to my recent reader survey, I noticed that you want to see things as they’re happening. You requested more of a behind-the-scenes look.

Well, you perfectionism-busting rockstar you…

… your wish is my command. :)

I have to admit, though, that this is a little out of my comfort zone.

Because, as a perfectionist, sharing my goals is really difficult. If something doesn’t work out the way I hope it will (AKA if it isn’t perfect), my “failure” will be public knowledge. All of you will know about it.

But that’s just the nature of dealing with perfectionism, isn’t it? Trial and error. Falling down once and getting up twice. I share about my own perfectionist tendencies and experiences, so that hopefully you can learn from it.

So, here’s the inside scoop about what I’m focusing on this year, along with why and how I plan to accomplish it.

 As a perfectionist, sharing my goals is really difficult. If something doesn’t work out the way I hope it will (AKA if it isn’t perfect), my “failure” will be public knowledge. But I've decided to share my goals for this year with an inside look at some new resources for recovering perfectionist. Overcoming perfectionism / perfectionism quotes / perfectionism inspiration / progress not perfection / perfectionism definition / let go of perfectionism / stop being a perfectionist



Goal 1: Re-launching Perfectionist bootcamp as a group program


When I first started on my journey of overcoming perfectionism, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. There was no information and very little resources out there.

I had no idea where to even begin.

So, I set out learning all there is to know about perfectionism, getting deep down to the truth of my own perfectionism story, and experimenting with different tactics and techniques. I was trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t along the way. There was some progress, but also a lot of tripping over my own feet and falling face-down on the floor.

All of this ‘one step forward, two steps back’ trouble led to me starting The Gratefulist. My mission is to provide the resources for other recovering perfectionists that I so desperately needed at the start of my own journey.

Through The Gratefulist, I was fortunate to meet and work with wonderful, creative women who were struggling with perfectionism just like I had struggled (and sometimes still do!). Now, I had the opportunity to test out the strategies that had worked for me and the lessons I learned along the way on other people. Turns out, they worked for them, too.

After that, I wanted to take even more women by the hand and walk them through my step-by-step process of tried-and-true strategies to help them flush out the perfectionism for good.

So, I created my signature course Perfectionist Bootcamp.


Perfectionist Bootcamp consists of 10 in-depth modules with multiple video lessons in each module, worksheets, a Facebook group for students… I held nothing back.

It’s without a doubt my favorite The Gratefulist resource to date.

Why I’m restructuring and re-launching Perfectionist Bootcamp

As a recovering perfectionist myself, I know how difficult it is to give up the habit of perfectionism. For the longest time I went at it alone, trying to beat this perfectionism monster. It was a difficult time and I thought I was alone in my struggles.

This changed when I created The Gratefulist. That's when I came into contact with fellow perfectionists. A lot of 'OMG, I can so relate!' and 'Oh wow, I feel the same' and 'Me too!' moments followed. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

When I launched Perfectionist Bootcamp the first time around, I didn’t fully appreciate how important this community aspect and this sense of 'We’re in this together!' would be for the students. But it turned out it was.

And so I felt like the way I’d set up Perfectionist Bootcamp needed to change to serve the students even better.

That’s why I’m turning Perfectionist Bootcamp from a self-paced course into a live group program.

My goals for the new group program

I’m planning to open up enrollment for Perfectionist Bootcamp three times in 2018. It will be a 6-week live experience, in which a group of students will go through the lessons and modules together, with multiple live Q&A calls. The Facebook group will still be around for support and accountability.

The entire program is set up for students to succeed, with an incredible support system by their side and others who "get it".

The first re-launch of Perfectionist Bootcamp in April is coming up quickly.

My goal this round is to have 15 students register, which *I think* is definitely doable. Especially now that the video lessons and other content have already been created and I can spend more time on marketing and promotion.

Ahhh, I’ve put it out there. Having set a goal gives me something to work toward during the next few weeks.

I’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes looks and updates in my free Facebook community for recovering perfectionists. Click the button below and join the group if you’re interested in following along.


Goal 2: A new affordable offering for recovering perfectionists


Perfectionist Bootcamp will be opening up for enrollment three times a year, but I know many of you need help in dealing with your perfectionism right away.

To start, there are dozens of actionable blog posts in The Gratefulist’s archives and helpful free resources, like my popular perfectionism-busting workbook, in the library.

But I know there’s a need for something more in-depth. Something that you can tackle right away, when Perfectionist Bootcamp is closed for enrollment or out of your reach for whatever reason.

Enter… Conquer your Inner Critic!


Conquer your Inner Critic is a 5-lesson crash course on managing your inner critic for recovering perfectionists.

The inner critic - that grating, nails-to-the-chalkboard, tearing-you-down voice inside of your head - is the voice of your perfectionism and this affordable (at $29 it's a total steal!) email course will help you tackle this one, specific aspect of your perfectionism.

Obviously, I’ve already accomplished this goal as Conquer your Inner Critic is available year-round. When you join the course, you’ll start to see tangible results in managing your perfectionistic inner critic within a week. #pinkypromise


Goal 3: Start #perfectionistproblems the show, a weekly workshop series


This one is so exciting!

So many of you have let me know in our survey that you want to see more of my face. Ha!

First of all, I’m flattered. ;)

But second, deep down I know you’re right. Video and livestreaming provides so much opportunity to connect with you and, to be honest, I’ve been staying in my comfort zone of writing blog posts for far too long.

That’s why I’m starting #perfectionistproblems the show, a weekly, 30-minute live workshop series.

My goals for #perfectionistproblems the show

I’ve been using the hashtag #perfectionistproblems for a while now. It’s the name of our free Facebook community, an interview series, and a blog post series. Choosing this name for the workshop series was a no-brainer.

Every Tuesday, I’ll go live and teach a workshop on one specific topic related to perfectionism and personal growth. For those tuning in live, there’s an opportunity to chat in the comments and ask me any question you want answered.

The first episode of #perfectionistproblems the show is in April (exact date to be announced) and I’d love for you to join in!

I’m excited to see how #perfectionistproblems the show will develop over the upcoming months. Here are some of my goals and dreams:

  • I’d like to see the number of sign ups AND the number of people who tune in live steadily grow from month to month.

  • Right now, I have planned out the first few months of workshops and they’re going to be solo episodes. But in the future, I’d like to invite guests on the show.

  • Another goal is to create a strategy for repurposing the workshop videos on Youtube and possibly even on Facebook.


What’s your take on goal-setting as a perfectionist? Share in the comments!

Also, I’d love to know what you’re working on in your recovering perfectionist journey and provide a little accountability.

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