How intentional self-care now leads to more confident goal-setting later

Hey Gratefulist readers! I’m Jaimie from, my hub for sharing resources for creative entrepreneurs to find focus, balance and clarity in their lives. I’m so thankful to Wendy here at The Gratefulist for allowing me to use her blog space today. It’s been a crazy year (maybe you can relate?), but I’m really excited to finally announce the release of Create with Confidence, my brand new ebook today too! All good things come out of necessity and for me, this book was necessary - it truly is the culmination of all that I can see that so many creatives deal with, including myself.


The concept is simple really. You can give more from a fuller cup and through that process, we are able to find our most confident selves. I used to think that self-care was kind of nonsense - of course everyone takes CARE of themselves, I thought. But when I realized that I wasn’t being intentional about how I took care of myself, I realized other people were probably just the same as me.

  How intentional self-care now leads to more confident goal-setting later - Introducing Create with Confidence for creatives who know that you can give more from a fuller cup and, through that process, you are able to find your most confident self. Click through to read the entire post!

Through an intentional process of learning self-care and introducing it into my daily life, I found that I was able to create so much more, put myself out there more confidently, truly share my heart and feel so much more authentic.

So why does this happen?

It goes back to the idea of the fuller cup. When you are feeling depleted, it simply is not possible to give your all to yourself, your work, or others. Self-care can take many forms for different people, but I really like to define self-care as the act of recognizing your basic needs and fulfilling them. Too often we are not doing this or we are defining our basic needs on a level that isn’t on par with what we really need in order to be able to be our best selves.

What do I mean by basic needs? I mean more than just brushing your teeth at night, though I do mean that too. Breaking self-care down into six categories will allow you to define what self-care will look like for your life. The categories are:

  • Basic care
  • Friendships + family
  • Connection to self
  • Physical needs
  • Mental health
  • Indulgence

In our society, I believe that these six categories can define what basic needs we have. We need to take care of ourselves on a very basic level (getting dressed everyday, getting enough sleep, taking care of our skin, keeping a clean home, etc.). But we also need other things in order to be the amazing creators that we are.

We need to nurture our relationships by intentionally spending time on them (having lunch with a friend, sending a text to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, taking a night off work to cuddle with someone special). We need to connect to our own souls by listening to and honoring our thoughts. Journaling, meditation and making time for personal projects are great ways to do this.

Our bodies also need to be taken care of and this can look drastically different for every person. Giving yourself the time to exercise and eating as well as you can are important, but getting enough sunshine and Vitamin D and stretching your muscles are good ways to take care of your body too. In addition to our bodies, our brains and minds need taking care of too - making sure that we are thinking positively, not comparing our journey to others and allowing your mind to wander are fantastic ways to practice self-care for your mind.

The final category I’ve suggested is indulgence. This may seem incredibly counter-intuitive to the idea of self-care, but I firmly believe that if you can allow yourself to indulge occasionally, you will be much better off. Being overly permissive in this category may do more harm than good, but an occasional indulgence can be a wonderful way to celebrate yourself and all the hard work you do to live intentionally.


Now that you understand what I mean by self-care (and hopefully you’ve already started brainstorming ways to boost your self-care), you understand what I mean by a fuller cup. All of these self-care categories are ways that we can fill the cup with goodness.

When you feel good, you can do good. Self-care has one really incredible result: confidence.

Confidence is very simply a belief in yourself and a belief that everything is going to be okay even if you don’t know everything right this second. The fuller cup allows for this mentality.

When you take care of your needs (not an easy thing to do), you will innately develop a thought process that lets you believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. You will *know* that you can do hard things. You will know that any challenges ahead of you are possible.

The goals you set will come from a place of confidence. You will have a deeper connection to yourself and you will know in your heart you are making choices and goals that make sense for you.


In Create with Confidence, I guide you through the process of adding self-love to your life, while also addressing many of the common issues that distract us and get in the way of self-love. Through this process, you will be able to develop habits and create and accomplish goals for yourself that might not have happened without self-care. If you’d like to find out more, head over to my website to see a table of contents and get a sneak peek into the book! I can’t wait to see you there and in my Facebook community, where we dig through all the fun stuff that goes along with finding your most confident self.

Thank you again Wendy for having me here on The Gratefulist and thank YOU amazing readers for being here too!


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