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Helping soul-connected yet stressed-out creatives embrace their perfectly imperfect selves.




Do you subscribe to
the idea of perfection?


I don't.

As a soul-connected creative I believe that by being, showing, and embracing my perfectly imperfect self I'm authentic & relatable and my work meaningful & powerful. I also believe that if I want to grow as a creative I need to grow as a person.


Get a jumpstart on your personal growth
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I want to learn more about overcoming my perfectionism

I want to learn more about starting a gratitude practice

I want to learn more about beating my procrastination

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More than 400 creatives just like you have used this free workbook in their journey of becoming a recovering perfectionist.

The workbook walks you through 4 actionable steps and several exercises to help you start letting go of your perfectionism.


Hey, Wendy here...


I'm the soul-connected creative behind the gratefulist and it's my mission to help creatives, makers, doers, and all-round world shakers deal with their perfectionism.

After struggling with perfectionism both in school and in my working life and not finding the resources to help me deal with it, I decided to start educating and investing in myself and my personal growth. Having experienced the power of practicing gratitude and embracing imperfection, I've become passionate about helping you make the same journey from Perfectionist to Gratefulist. I'm so happy you're here!

Learn more about The Gratefulist & my story by clicking here.

The Gratefulist About
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Our perfectly imperfect resources

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PERFECTIONIST DETOX: a step-by-step process, with tips and action steps to help you overcome your perfectionism.

The Gratefulist Growing Gratitude

GROWING GRATITUDE: a step-by-step guide to kickstart an easy-to-keep gratitude habit for stressed-out creatives.

The Gratefulist Productivity with Purpose

PRODUCTIVITY WITH PURPOSE: a self-paced course designed to help you build a daily productive routine and kick procrastination in the shins.


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