Do you subscribe to
the idea of perfection?


I don't.

As a soul-connected creative I believe that by being, showing, and embracing my perfectly imperfect self I'm authentic & relatable and my work meaningful & powerful. I also believe that if I want to grow as a creative I need to grow as a person.


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let go of perfectionism

A free workbook to help you start letting go of your perfectionism. Complete the exercises & follow the 4 actionable steps towards a perfectionism-free life.



A free email course to help you jumpstart your gratitude practice. I'll send you a gratitude prompt a day for 30 days. It's a simple and non-intimidating way to start journaling or revive your existing gratitude practice.

productivity with purpose

Do you fall victim to procrastination and not achieving the goals (#allthethings) you set for yourself? Do you want to be more productive in work & life? In need of a tailored-to-your-needs daily routine? The Ultimate Checklist for Productivity with Purpose was made for you.


Hey, Wendy here...


I'm the soul-connected creative behind the gratefulist and it's my mission to help creatives, makers, doers, and all-round world shakers deal with their perfectionism.

After struggling with perfectionism both in school and in my working life and not finding the resources to help me deal with it, I decided to start educating and investing in myself and my personal growth. Having experienced the power of practicing gratitude and embracing imperfection, I've become passionate about helping you make the same journey from Perfectionist to Gratefulist. I'm so happy you're here!

Learn more about The Gratefulist & my story by clicking here.

Ready to turn your life around and
 go from stressed-out to blissed-out?


Are you READY?! My step-by-step guide for kickstarting an easy-to-keep gratitude habit is finally available!

You'll not be the same in a few months time when you join this gratitude revolution. You’ll not only have transformed yourself, but you’ll also have transformed your day-to-day life from ‘Mwah, things could be better...’ to ‘Yes, I have so many things going for me!’.

See, I used to be on your shoes. I used to only see the problem.

>> I was grouchy, upset, and stressed-out, like all the time...
>> I felt like I was walking a tight rope of obligations and could fall of any minute
>> Complaining was my default mode
>> I didn't feel good enough
>> I didn't see a better way

And then one day I flipped the switch. I started to see the dream instead of the problems.

>> I was happy, fulfilled, and relaxed, like all the time...
>> I felt filled up by the people I was surrounding myself with and started to see real change⠀
>> Contentment was my default mode⠀
>> I would feel awesome every day⠀
>> I would see a future that only got brighter⠀

The day I flipped the switch was the day I started my gratitude practice.

I have worked very hard to change the way I live my life and I’ve helped other people do the same - for them to see their own gifts and know that there’s a life beyond stress, dissatisfaction, and exhaustion.

I want to help you turn your life around like this.

That’s why I’ve created an epic resource to help you do just that. Growing Gratitude is an ebook and workbook all rolled into one to help guide you from 0 to 100 on the scale of gratitude woop woop! Click here to learn more and join now!


My #thankfulthursday quotes...


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