Do you subscribe to
the idea of perfection?


I don't.

As a soul-connected creative I believe that by being, showing, and embracing my perfectly imperfect self I'm authentic & relatable and my work meaningful & powerful. I also believe that if I want to grow as a creative I need to grow as a person.


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Hey, Wendy here...


I'm the soul-connected creative behind the gratefulist and it's my mission to help creatives, makers, doers, and all-round world shakers deal with their perfectionism.

After struggling with perfectionism both in school and in my working life and not finding the resources to help me deal with it, I decided to start educating and investing in myself and my personal growth. Having experienced the power of practicing gratitude and embracing imperfection, I've become passionate about helping you make the same journey from Perfectionist to Gratefulist. I'm so happy you're here!

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Weekly blog series: #perfectionistproblems

On my latest bout of  Netflixing I came across one of my new favorite shows called Jessica Jones. Jessica is a badass superhero with superhuman strengths. Despite all of her badassery she still falls victim to her arch nemesis Killgrave and his powers of mind control.

This got me thinking: Killgrave is my arch nemesis, too! Perfectionism is exactly like being intoxicated by Killgrave’s mind control skills. One moment I’m quietly working on a passion project and, before I know it, that little voice of perfectionism creeps in and has me questioning if what I’m doing is good enough. Mind control in action. (No? Just me? Is Netflix getting to me? Bare with me here…)

No matter how badass I am, no matter how much of a superhero I am, perfectionism always catches up with me. Sometimes I’m able to resist - thanks to my superhero strength, of course :) - but other times I can’t resist the mind controlling voice of perfectionism in my head.

That’s why I’ve created this new series called #perfectionistproblems. I made a list of all the ways perfectionism has an effect on my life and I’m planning to focus on a different perfectionist problem each week, sharing my experiences and insights. And, of course, there’ll be tips and challenges to help you on your way.

Most of all, I want you to participate! Email me with your #perfectionistproblems or share your experiences - why don’t you write them down or make them into a work of art? - on Instagram or Twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #perfectionistproblems.

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